Strategy #2

It’s Not Business It’s Personal


Let’s talk about why these calls become personal for future clients. Whether they feel their personal space has been invaded, concerned financially, contents are ruined or maybe they just do not know what to do next. As you have more compassion for each future client you will convert more calls.

The first thing you must understand when taking a call is that the person on the other end of the line is not making a business call. They are making a very personal call.

Answer every call as if the client just dialed 911. You need to first evaluate the level of panic the client is experiencing. Next, gather information to understand the source of their panic. Then, assure them that you are capable of handling the source of their panic professionally and quickly.

Evaluate the level of panic: Understanding the level of panic will allow you to: know how many questions to ask, what questions to ask, and how long you should keep them on the phone.

Success Standard: You are in the people business. It is mandatory that whoever you have receiving client calls is perceptive and sensitive to human emotion and behavior.

Identify the source of their panic: This is important. Their panic may not be stemming from what you think. It may be obvious; the house flooded, easy. Or it may not be; people in the house are getting sick, the homeowner is out of town or this is their first time making an insurance claim. Identifying the true source of their panic will allow you to triage and address THEIR most pressing concern, first.

Success Statement: “Let’s at least get the water out tonight and get your home drying to avoid other problems and then you can decide.”

Success Statement: “Let me get Jaden out to your house with the infrared camera and moisture meters for the free inspection since every house if so different.”

Establish your authority: This is the industry you are in, they are calling you because they cannot handle the situation on their own, so sound and act like the subject matter expert. Repeat their situation back to them similar to a doctor giving a diagnosis and then lay out an initial treatment plan. Use industry terminology that is recognizable but specific. Talk about treatment standards and best practices. Let them know that you are fully trained and capable.

Success Statement “We will get the water extracted today get your house drying and then meet with you and your adjuster before anything major happens.”

Success Statement: “Tyler will come out and give you a free inspection and show you want needs to be done, once you give him the go ahead he will get started right then. He has all he needs on his truck to take care of you.”

People don’t shop around for a 911 operator they feel comfortable with. You need to be the first responder that they can trust. Remember, it’s not business, it’s personal. Recognize the level of panic you are responding to, identify the source of the client’s panic and establish your authority as the sole person qualified to take care of their very specific situation.


The lesson here is as you become more compassionate on the phone with each future client you will begin to see your call conversion increase and all that marketing money you are spending will bring in more profitable jobs for your company