One On One Consulting! Industry Specific! No long term contact!

For 7 years Gregg built and managed his business by phone from a state away. Call now for free consultation and pricing! (c) 720-277-7113

Gregg's Consulting Program

  • You can contact Gregg whenever you have a question.
  • Schedule Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Phone consulting (usually 30 minutes - 1 hour).
  • Any topic you choose to discuss.
  • Most requested areas include:
    • Systems and processes to decrease headaches and increase profits.
    • Technician paperwork, documentation, notes, scheduling.
    • Profits per job average, billing line items, specialty drying equipment
    • Accounts receivables, cash flow issues, getting paid faster
    • CRM's, job organization, reports, know your numbers.
    • Customer written and video reviews.
    • Networking resources.
    • CSR call conversion and scheduling
    • Cold calling and networking scripts, recorded calls, ideas.

This course is only available within the bundle.