These Courses, Tips, Standards and Strategies, Apply Specifically to Carpet Cleaning Businesses.

My carpet cleaning company cleaned 700 houses a month.

These simple call conversion strategies can easily be used on almost any carpet cleaning call.

The Office Staff Quick Reference Guide is great! It contains a summary of the tips and strategies in just a few pages and is included with either the Call Conversion or All Inclusive courses.

If you are only looking for carpet cleaning lead or employee tips and still struggle after these courses just call me at 720-277-7113. I love carpet cleaning leads and technicians. Check out "Handle Your Employees With Ease" strategy #3 motivating, my absolute favorite.

If you're just looking for ways to hire, retain, motivate and train the right employees. At one time I had 18 carpet cleaning technicians and 8 restoration technicians, so believe me when I say I know most of your pains.

I built and managed Disaster Cleanup Services in Colorado while living in Utah for 7 years. The last 2 years I did not even have a general manager and my office manager worked 15 hours a week. I was able to hire, retain, motivate and train almost completely by phone.

Call me any time whether you purchase the courses or not I am always available to talk 720-277-7113.

Nov 16th 2017 - I just got off a Skype call with Chris in Australia, so you're never to far away to help. You share with me your situation and I'll share with you tips and strategies for FREE!

Your Instructor

Gregg Sargent
Gregg Sargent
  • 21 Years Converting Leads into Profitable Jobs
  • 2016 - Top Converter for a National Water Damage Lead Generation Company
  • At age 17 Trained and Coached over 30 Out Bound Sales Representatives
  • 18 Years Entrepreneur in the Carpet And Water Damage Industry
  • Built $25,000 Carpet Cleaning Franchise into over $2,300,000 Annual Sales
  • Worldwide Franchise Marketer of the Year
  • Worldwide Franchise Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Built and Sold Million Dollar Company Quality Disaster Clean Up in Utah
  • Built Disaster Cleanup Services in Denver to $700,000 Mitigation Annual Sales While Living in Utah
  • Taken over 10,000 Calls - Trained Dozens of CSR's
  • Taught Hundreds of Franchises Across the Country
  • Over 50 Employees and 18 Trucks at one Time

Get started now!

I worked for Gregg Sargent for over 2 years and learned more about the day to day business than I had in the previous 10 years working for other mitigation companies.

He trusted me to run my own jobs and allowed me to make the decisions needed to complete the drying for the customers and give them the service experience that they deserve. I handled almost every aspect of the mitigation from taking calls, writing estimates, talking to adjusters, to billing customers and insurance companies.

Gregg helped me to start my own business by selling me a truck, and the equipment needed to get going. He has given me advice and shared his wisdom throughout the process.

His knowledge of this industry and years of experience running his own company have been invaluable to my wife and I. I do not know if we could have gotten our business off to such a good start without him?

Stephen Hagen

Affordable Water Damage