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Gregg came out to Oklahoma City to help us with some of our procedures and problems we were having. After 2 LONG days of training with me and my team we were blown away with the things he helped us with. When he told me he was doing a class in Colorado Springs with Lance Ray from R1 for 3 days, I signed up immediately. In Colorado, he had a great itinerary and did not disappoint. I would recommend Gregg for any company in the restoration business.

James Norton - Restoration1 of Oklahoma City

December 2018, Colorado Springs Attendees

April 2019, Salt Lake City Attendees

I am so excited!!!! My husband is in Utah attending a round table event with Sargent strategic consulting which is proving to be more powerful than we imagined. So thankful we made the investment, well worth it!...

Tina Craig - Lexington KY

“Gregg Sargent's Strategies for Success training for the Restoration 1 Managers and Owners was motivational and specific. Gregg tackles organizational problems, billing concerns and opportunities with humor, professionalism, and demonstrates realistic problem solving that applies specifically to the restoration industry. Gregg encourages questions during the discussions so that the topics considered are relevant to what they are doing now, and planning for the future. Gregg encourages restoration companies to diversify what they do for their customer, which, of course encourages them to buy new equipment and use time and labor saving tools. Whatever items the participants did not buy on the spot, they were encouraged to check with their local sales person to purchase so they did not have to carry it home on the plane. Gregg’s class was helpful to me so that I could learn firsthand what kind of problems restorers face in the field with everything from containment to consistently getting paid in full on completed jobs. His review of restoration business processes is top to bottom complete and he reviews topics that make sure that restorers are both making customers happy while getting paid every dollar that they deserve. Kudos to Gregg!”

Lavonne Scott - ARAMSCO Sales Rep

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Just 1 month after this class in Colorado Springs Lance Ray has received 8 jobs/opportunities from agents, including an entire house fire!

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